The summary video of the World Values Day International Conference with participants from the Western Balkans, Turkey, etc. has been produced with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of “ALVA – Albanian Values – Vlerat Shqiptare” and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.

The “ALVA – Albanian Values – Vlerat Shqiptare” organization on the occasion of World Values Day campaign “Values in Action – SOLIDARITY” in appreciation of “Values Heroes” organized the international online conference on 22 October 2020. International leaders, representatives, civil society activists, personalities from Western Balkans organizations, Turkey, from different fields and not only were part of the conference giving their opinion on the values that unite us to easily overcome together the consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19 with the slogan: “Thrive the life based on values”. The subject of the conference were: “The value of our life during difficult times & Women Values Heroes of COVID-19”. International Online Conference Program Registration of participants.

Panel 1 & Guests

1. Charles Fowler, FRSA, MA – Chairman of the “Human Values Foundation” & “World Values Day”

2. Richard Barrett – International Leader, author, speaker, consultant and coach; Founder of the “Barrett Values Centre”, “Barrett Academy”; President of the “Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values”, a Fellow of the World Business Academy and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank;

3. M. Sc. Manjola Perja – Founder & Executive Director “ALVA – Albanian Values – Vlerat Shqiptare” organization & Certified CTT Consultant from “Barrett Values Centre”;

Part of the program were “Gratitude Certifications”, short videos and photos about the contribution of “Values Heroes” who contributed to the homeless caused by the earthquake November 26, 2019 and during Covid-19 around the world / Albania / Western Balkans. Gratitude to the international states for their solidarity – contributors, volunteers, philanthropists, etc. Lazim Destani philanthropist, businessman & his company “Ecolog International” for their contribution during years, especially for the earthquake homeless of November 26 and during pandemic isolation; The initiative “Adopt a grandfather/grandmother” in Tirana; Mentor Kikia “Corp of Volunteers” Director & “Corp of Volunteers”; Dallandyshe Dauti businesswoman for her charities to people in need during Covid-19 etc.

Panel 2 – Panelists from Western Balkans, Turkey, etc.

Albania – Oltiana Rama, Trainer and Researcher on Peace Building and Intercultural Dialogue and Understanding at “PVN Albania”;

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zilka Spahić Šiljak, PhD Associate professor, Guest lecturer University of Roehampton London, UK & Program director “TPO Foundation” Sarajevo;

North Macedonia – Ma. Gordana Rodic, Executive Director at “SIEC – Social Integration Empowerment Center”;

Plamenka Trajkovska, President “SCE – Small Chamber Ensembles” Skopje;

Montenegro – Nadja Dragovic, Program Manager at “Fund for Active Citizenship – FAKT”;

Serbia – Dragana Radošević – Program assistant/Coordinator for PR and media communication at “Development Center for Youth/Razvojni centar za mlade”;

Kosovo – Sadete Tërnava Osmani, Lecturer in Journalism, University of Prishtina Faculty of Philology, Poetess & Women Activist;

Arjeta Maka, Project Coordinator “Gruaja Hyjnore” – the “Divine Woman”;

Turkey – Büsra Süer, Project Coordinator – Assistant Manager “Bütün Çocuklar Bizim Derneği – All Children are Ours” İstanbul;

New Zealand – Hellen Swales, Deputy Major for the Upper Hutt City Council, Chair of the International Women’s Caucus, Chair the New Zealand Defense Force Gender Equality Network Steering Group etc.; United Kingdom – Phil Clothier, Senior Cultural Transformation Advisor “Barrett Values Centre”.

Different initiatives of solidarity in art during Covid-19 as: music, mural art etc. around the world; Gratitude Certificates & short video messages of doctors “Values Heroes”: Phd. Msc. Dr. Gentian Stroni Infectious Disease Doctor UHCT & Head of the Preclinical Department; Prof. Dr. Gjeorgjina Lito – Director & Pediatrician at UHCT; Dr. Bruna Shiroka Director- Pathologist, Family Doctor at Health Center no. 3 Tirana. Discussion with participants and guests.

Thank you very much to all the participants, panelists and supporters that made possible the realization of this fantastic conference. THANK YOU!