Being born in a country as Albania that has gone through many different transitions, such as communism, post-communism, living in changing systems during these years was not easy at all. Because we were not prepared to become part of a democracy without rules.

 Everything changed at the moment I found out about personal development and I learned about the role that values play in my life, in the same time I understood that people should not treat themselves as victims of fate, but as part of this planet. They should not judge themselves as being born poor, or not, but they have to think and work to deserve the best life they can based on best values they have. I can’t judge a person who does not know what he does not know. It’s not easy to change people’s mindset, make them believing in values, live and grow based on values. But I think everything it’s easier when you work on believing in your dream.

Before a year ago I decided to organize the event “World Values Day Albania”, after I was inspired from Richard Barrett’s book “What my soul told me”. It was like a reborn. Many people asked me – Why are you doing this event in Albania, when people don’t believe at all in values? – the answer was “If good people exist, I will do it.” And in fact I proved that I was right. We did it, we encouraged Albanians to think about values, to use the word value. We believe in values ​​and that lies the core of our change from others. It’s something more than believing. It’s the aim to grow people awareness about their values and helping them understanding how their values can change their life and also pushing people to improve their lives. 

Months passed quickly, and suddenly October was approaching again, but how can we improve our second activity? I felt hopeless and hopeful at the same time. After graduating as a CTT consultant from Barrett Values Centre I felt even more pressured how I can do great things in my country? I felt happy for the email that informed me of World Values Day 2019 the challenge and theme of the year was “Values and Wellbeing”. I was on time, to prove to many people that truly values are our best free gifts that with this blessed gifts we can count on to improve our focus on, and not only improving ourselves but even our lives as well. I began reading articles about well-being and books about what Richard Barrett had studied. 

Wellbeing – it is the same reason why time ago pushed me to think that really values are important for our wellbeing. But I still needed to learn more. 

IT WAS WONDERFUL! I WAS IN TIME! Yes I could be part of the workshop on Tuscany organized from “Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values”. As I began reading Barrett’s entire book “The New Psychology of Human Wellbeing”, I realized even more why the values in our lives are important. Wellbeing is so close to us and we have wasted so much time searching to find it somewhere else. The study made from Richard was so amazing. I had the opportunity to understand many things. I was clear about many doubts I had inside of me referring values.

Have you read the book “Everything I have learned about values” is another book for people who doubt whether they have values or not, after reading it, it may be clearer why positive values matter and what they are. I arranged everything in time. It came the great day. The first day of the activity had to start at 4 pmImagine I was traveling all day when I arrived at 6 pm. But I found the place when the workshop took place during September 22-26.

“Welcome Albania” – were the first words that Mr. Richard Barrett said to me. It was a great emotion, and inspiration, after this long journey from Tirana to Tuscany.

The workshop was intense but I was impressed not only with the Chianti region but also with the lovely people I met, the Academy team, Christa, Andrea, Heike and many new friends. The workshop, made me think and release myself for fear of the future for my future plans based on value. I was not alone, I found many people who were like me and believed in improving lives not only for themselves but also for others.

I couldn’t imagine that the ego and the soul could be friends. I had never been able to imagine or think before, but it was possible. I understood why my soul was a Ferrari and my ego was stuck at the station waiting for the opportunity. It is possible, when you work every day, believe and work every day in your dream, everything is possible.

IT’S POSSIBLE! You feel calm and fulfilled about what you have achieved. Everything is possible! Value is a possibility to open the door to the happiness. The amazing place was an inspiration. I understood why it was an inspiration to paint Mona Lisa too. Interactive and hilarious exercises, delicious dinners with my dear friends, made me feel as at home. The inspiration of this workshop was the energy of making each other comfortable, as we had known each other for years and this feeling make us free to express and help each other understanding and in many time supporting each other exchanging at the same time the experience.

We organized the second edition of World Values Day Albania 2019, better than the first year, exceeding expectations with the theme “Values and Wellbeing” and launched the “I value woman” initiative.  The goal is woman to value herself, while respecting herself she is able to respect the other as well the husband, child, family, community etc.

I found peace and I would like also to encourage more people to get involved in this initiative. We are part of the globe and as such, we should all be proud of the best values that each of us has and we must start thinking based on our best values.

I suggest everyone to be part of the workshop, everyone who believes in soul and ego, because in this way the training will be simpler to incorporate into your life. I suggest it to anyone who has trouble achieving goals because something is holding back. Everything is possible. The team was perfect in everything, books too can help you better reach your goals and first of all you will be happy that you will understand you found yourself. I got very friendly tips that helped me be a better person, more easily overcomes the difficulties I had. I’m really happy that i was part of this workshop.

All the best to you all my friends and especially, the team Richard, Christa, Andrea and Heike.

My new friends: Eva, Asa, France, Richard, Marina, Rozan, Silvia, Flavia, Rick, Karen, Catharina, Patricia, Laura …!


Best regards to all you from Manjola.