ALVA – Albanian Values organization on the occasion of the World Values Day campaign “Values in Action” – SOLIDARITY in appreciation of “Values Heroes” organized the first international online conference dedicated values with the subject: “The value of our life during difficult times & Women Values Heroes of COVID 19” on 2 October, Thursday, at 17:00-18:30.

Took part many participants, representatives, civil society activists, personalities from Western Balkans organizations, Turkey, from different fields and not only will offer their opinion on the values that unite us to easily overcome together the consequences of the crisis caused by COVID-19 with the slogan: “THRIVE THE LIVE BASED ON VALUES”. Special honored guests were: Richard Barrett – International Leader, author, speaker, consultant and coach Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, Barrett Academy President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values, a Fellow of the World Business Academy and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank, Charles Fowler – Chairman of the Human Values Foundation & World Values Day etc.


Many of us were surprised from the huge unexpected number of the participants at the conference. The program had enclosed many examples of solidarity and values heroes starting from Albania with the situation which we passed through on 26 November 2019 and the solidarity surprised us all, but not only. Even the solidarity for all the world Albanians of foreigners were an example of human values and inspirations. Part of the activity were also gratitude certifications for the organizations and personalities, philanthropes who never stopped helping people and still helping during Covid19

Each panelist give their message and specific words message referring values, solidarity, women empowerment views were different and very inspirations for the all:

Charles Fowler  – Chairs the Human Values Foundation, which uses positive values to promote young people’s social and emotional development; Helps run the UK Values Alliance, whose mission is to place values at the heart of UK Society; Project partner of the Collaborating Centre for Values-based ; Practice for Health and Social Care at Oxford University, Patron; Advisor to the anti-poverty charity; Giving World, and an Ambassador of the Transparency Task Force; Lead Organizer and Coordinator of World Values Day.

The purpose of World Values Day is to increase the awareness and practice of values around the world. Values, as we all know, are the things that are most important to us in life.  The aim was to put values at the heart of every society, every country around the world, to help people see that it is crucial for all of us as individuals and for all our organizations and communities for us to practice good positive human values like kindness, compassion, respect, non-violence and honesty. We believe that the more that people become aware of what their own particular values are, and realise that they need to put those values into practice in every part of their lives, the better this world will become for all of us. Because by living by good, positive, human values we not only benefit ourselves but others too, through the power of our example and through our greater tolerance towards other people, particularly those we may disagree with. That’s why I believe World Values Day is so important, and why I hope it can spread even more widely around the world in the years to come.


 Richard Barrett – International Leader, author, speaker, consultant and coach, Founder of the Barrett Values Centre, Barrett Academy President of the Barrett Academy for the Advancement of Human Values, a Fellow of the World Business Academy and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank. – “The positive values we all share are actually your soul values. You don’t have a soul you are a soul. My soul tell me what to do every day, every night. Inspiration in decision makings.”


M. Sc. Manjola Perja – CEO Alva – Albanian Values – Vlerat Shqiptare & Certified CTT Consultant from Barrett Values Centre – “Women don’t need to wait to be respected they have many values on which exist their power, they need to be aware to develop and be more solidar in the achievement of their rights. Men are not our enemies but our partners our supporters. We are human being we deserve to enjoy our life even during difficult times, we need to find our inspiration inside or outside us it doesn’t matter we need to empower to live our life better than yesterday and today.”


The EVALUATIONS & video & Gratitude Certification referring the first part were for the contribution of the “Heroes of Values” who contributed to the injured as a result of the damage caused by the earthquake of November 26, 2019. Acknowledgment to the international states for their solidarity – Contributors, Volunteers, philanthropists, etc.

Lazim Destani Albanian Philanthropist businessman & Ecolog Company for their contribution

Volunteers of the Initiative “Adopt a grandfather/grandmother” of Tirana;

Mentor Kikia Corp of Volunteers Director & Volunteer Corps;

Dallandyshe Dauti charity for people in need charity during Covid19 etc.

Video of Values Heroes contributions around the world, Albania, Western Balkan during Covid19

  Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES” Lazim Destani Albanian Philanthropist businessman & Ecolog    Company for their contribution
                           Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES” – ECOLOG INTERNATIONAL

Panelists of the second part were from Western Balkans, Turkey etc. their message were very interesting and full positivity for improvement of the situation even in still conditions where the life is becoming as above.

Albania – Oltiana Rama Trainer and Researcher on Peace Building and Intercultural at PVN Albania. “Values are pillars who keep us strong, they can not be changed because of crises or any negative energy that comes in our life.”


Bosnia and Herzegovina – Zilka Spahic Siljak, PhD Associate professor, Guest lecturer University of Roehampton London, UK & Program director TPO Foundation Sarajevo

“Today, more than ever we have cultivate ethics of solidarity, empathy and humanness and when those on power show these qualities it means that humanness has not disappeared and that we all can give at least 20% of our salaries, or time or other resources, or at least a smile to comfort our fellow human beings for a moment.”


North Macedonia

Gordana Rodic – Executive Director at SIEC –  “Power of Basic Values – explore how they connect people in times of crisis. Basic values in times of crisis are solidarity, unity, mutual solidarity”. In this occasion we SIEC & ALVA – inviting you to come in action various countries, online challenges, mobilizing famous people, influencers, motivators etc.

Plamenka Trajkovska – SCE Skopje – President – “The new value system in the music industry is based on the reality that social distance is necessary. Pandemic urges musicians to accept the fact that online concerts are a chance for their further concert in front of an audience. I realized a concert  “Violin and a movie”  and I had 30,000 views.” The love for music and the audience – their joy that comes from every note public  heard should be motive for musicians in all conditions and especially in conditions of pandemic to create music.”

Montenegro – Nadja Dragovic – Program Manager at Fund for Active Citizenship – FAKT – “This new reality firmly underlines the absolute necessity of expressing and amplifying our practice of solidarity and philanthropy in order to quality respond to new challenges and crisis. People need to be constantly reminded that the answer to our problems is solidarity, as it seems to be more important than ever to work towards a diverse and inclusive society. We are all human beings who essentially want the same things: acceptance, love, equality and peace. Without concerted effort of values, the hinge, unfortunately may swing backward rather than forward.”


Serbia – Dragana Radošević – Program assistant/Coordinator for PR and media communication at Development Center for Youth/Razvojni centar za mlade – “COVID-19 pandemic has taught us that desire for life is bigger than fear of death. We have to learn how to live with it and not to run from it. We have to adapt – our lives, our jobs, our approach, our behaviour. Also, we have to guard human rights in every situation no matter how specific it is, because it is very easy to lose freedom we and our predecessors have fought for – our heroes and heroins deserve it. It proved as possible not to jeopardize anyone in order to stay safe and healthy.”

Kosovo – Sadete Ternava Osmani – Women Activist


When silent hurt

It does not mean that I do not speak

I groan every time the news hits the ground

Even someone like me is becoming a number

In this world

In my state register

Above the roads

you say I will be just a step….


Arjeta Maka – Project Coordinator “Gruaja Hyjnore” – the “Divine Woman” – “In fact, every one of our voluntary engagements in various activities and campaigns in favor of the construction of the pyramid of our society is to build the habit that you need in life to be solidary and comprehensive for the decision where you live for a better life and this is called VALUE.

Turkey – Büsra Süer Project Coordinator – Assistant Manager Bütün Çocuklar Bizim Derneği – All Children are Ours İstanbul – TURKEY – “During those days of uncertainty, our true global aid to pandemic is Solidarity! We met a lot of heroines who gathered around and spread the word, Solidarity. As All Children are Ours Association, even though we can’t hug children physically, we try to reach them with goodness.. We thank all the heroines around the world and hope to see more equal and more valuable world!”


New Zealand – Hellen Swales Deputy Major for the Upper Hutt City Council, Chair of the International Women’s Caucus, Chair the New Zealand Defence Force Gender Equality Network Steering Group; Chair of Whare Tiaki Wahine Refuge (Maori Women’s Refuge); Chair the Regional Climate Change Forum for the Wellington Region; Immediate Past President for Business and Professional Women NZ (BPW NZ)

Hellen Swales message: ”I have always been an advocate for women and girls and decided in 2010 that I want to effect real change for Women and Girls and to do this then I had to stop “looking through the window” and “go through the door for change”. So here I am through the door for change working to make a difference by: – “Developing women’s professional and leadership potential at all levels” I am determined that our efforts will lead to “Equal Participation of Women and Men in Power and Decision-Making Roles”.

Phil Clothier – Senior Cultural Transformation Advisor Barrett Values entre video

“We don’t need to wait from government from, we can start from our own lives, our own hopes, communities, organizations, we don’t have to wait.”

Solidarity in art during Covid19 / Music, Mural art etc. and different initiatives. Evaluated Personalities “Women Values Heroes” and their message Doctors:

Dr. Bruna Shiroka Director- Pathologist, Family Doctor at Health Center no. 3 Tirana

Prof. Dr. Gjeorgjina Killo Lito – Director & Pediatrician at QSUT Tirana

Discussion with participants and guests.

Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES” Phd. Msc. Dr. Gentian Stroni Infectious Disease Doctor QSUT & Head of Preclinical Department
 Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES “Prof. Dr. Gjeorgjina Killo Lito – Director & Pediatrician at  QSUT Tirana
Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES”  Dr. Bruna Shiroka Director- Pathologist, Family Doctor at Health Center no. 3 Tirana
                                 Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES” – “Corp of Volunteers”
Mentor Kikia Journalist & Corp of Volunteers Director
        Gratitude Certification – “VALUES HEROES” Mentor Kikia Journalist & Corps of Volunteers Director


We thank you all you for sharing the messages and also giving an example of solidarity and expression through zoom platform. 

Special thank you to EUTACSO for making possible the print brochure and the video of the conference. Thank you the team, especially, Natasha for the advises, Emina, Katarina for their support and to all the friends each of you who has support us during this days, and long years, to all the Albanians who still believe on our work and support us. Thank You!


SIEC & ALVA – are inviting you to come in action various countries, online challenges, mobilizing famous people, influencers, motivators etc.

Also each of you as organization if you would like to joying our initiative based on Solidarity and Values, inspired from the International conference of 22 October and for more information you can write us to our social media.